I'm a wellness loving Scottish mum who started blogging back in 2009 over on Sweet Elyse Blog. After having my third son in 2009 my health deteriorated quite rapidly and it seemed that I was being diagnosed with new conditions every few months via the NHS. It never sat right with me, how could someone go from being relatively healthy to their body failing them so badly? I never accepted the NHS's diagnosis and promised myself that I would 'fix it' 

I attended the Rivers programme for pain management and mobility in 2011, at the time I was interviewed by the hosts of the rehab and I mentioned that I felt my pain was worsened by a hormone response. That I had found links with my conditions and my cycle. They asked me 'how are you so positive? With the conditions you have how do you keep a smile on your face?' and I answered that much like a car if it breaks down you wouldn't just accept that, instead because you need it, you would try to find out what part doesn't work and how that affects the whole machine. Well, that's how I viewed my body. I knew I wasn't born with these conditions therefore they should be improvable to some degree. 

And so, I started right at the beginning. To understand the whole, you need to understand how it's all interconnected. I started a degree with The Open University focussing on health and medicine. I then applied all of my learning (both via The Open University and offline research) to my own body and health, mentally keeping notes. I had copies of all tests I had ever had, I paid for private tests with outside companies also. Each time noting the results versus the symptoms. 

Eventually, I reclaimed my life back. It took a long time. At times I was so ill I never thought I'd make it. Now in 2020, I find I have a condition that cannot be cured but ultimately may have been the main source of the issues back in 2009 onwards. Going through what I went through and growing up within sheltered housing with a mother that was disabled and having a multitude of female conditions along one-side of my family line, I wanted to help others where possible. That was the initial aim of Sweet Elyse Blog. 

Kinsfolk Wellness comes to you with a deep-seated passion for biology, bacteria (researching) and human biomes, herbalism, yoga, Ayurveda, reiki, nutrition, gemstones, tarot, paganism, spiritualism and everything in between. 

Some Facts About Me 

Lives: Scotland. 
♥ Certified: Bsc (Hon) Business Management & Marketing, Master Herbalist, Raw Nutritionist. 
Children: Three sons and one stepson. 
♥ Pet's: Kitten called Lilith and two budgies called boy and girl.  
Interests: Charles Bukowski, herbalism, walking, movies and hippy stuff. 
♥ Favourite Food: Kimchi, cheesecake, 
Favourite Drinks: Tea, kombucha, spring water. 
Places I want to visit: Ireland, Cambridge, Budapest, Norway, New Zealand and Osaka. 
♥ Favourite Movies: This is 40, Knocked Up, anything by Adam Sandler, Deadpool, Most Marvel movies, Bad Neighbours and Kingsman to name a few. 
♥ Hates: Grapefruit, goats cheese, UK movies.

I hope you enjoy your stay! Comment, share, like and let's get to know each other a bit better.

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