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Surely I don't have the explain the recent events surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement? If I do, then it's a movement that's been around for ages however, it's never had the traction it deserved because the world became ignorant and was in denial. 

The death of George Floyd was the catalyst to remind everyone that the world needed to change. #BlackoutTuesday blacked out social media with the exception of amplifying melanated voices and promoting voices of colour, it was incredible and it was something that's really opened my own eyes. I truly feel that our understanding and learning from the lived experiences of those who have been persecuted because of their skin colour will be neverending but the fight has been awe-inspiring. 

I know I will continue to fight, learn and support - will you? 

How beautiful are these items? The colours, the shapes, the patterns, they inspire in every way. I definite;y feel we could all do with some vibrancy and energy in our lives at the moment and supporting small businesses enables business owners to thrive. 

Personally, I am in love with the beetle wing earrings, how utterly amazing are they! The Aster cork planter just makes sense, the number of times where I've bought planters and they've either been ruined due to watering or, they've not had enough water wicking or breathing capabilities, the cork would absolutely resolve that from happening. 

You can check these out over on the wishlist - Amplify Melanated Voices Wishlist

Keep learning, keep fighting and keep up the sharing others voices. 

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  1. Love this! Thanks for providing ways for people to support Black businesses!!! <3


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