5 Wellness Bloggers You Will Love

Wellness and wholism are so important to me and play a huge part in my life. Sometimes I slip, things get in the way, you know how it is, but overall it's a major passion. Having had many issues with my own body and wellness and having to fight to reclaim back my health, I've spent so much time reading other blogs, studying, applying what I've learned and Youtubing.

This means I have clear favourites in the wellness category but, some of them are more versatile. I love a good wellness blogger who discusses whole wellness and not just exercise or diet. Throw in some spiritual and mental topics and I'm yours. 

Here are five of my favourite wellness bloggers - in my opinion. 

The Balanced Blonde 

This site is visually beautiful. I love when I find a blog or website that doesn't follow the trends and just focuses on what they love. That sort of style is unique and I love it! The focus is holism in general with real no-nonsense opinions and facts. Absolutely one to check out.

The Full Helping

The Full Helping focuses on lifestyle and wellness with an emphasis on plant-based nutrition and feeding health. The recipes, articles and imagery are fantastic and have been a godsend in my change over to plant-based living.  

Empowered Sustenance

Empower sustenance doesn't just focus on food and 'sustenance' it covers all aspects of what humans need to thrive. From natural skincare, keto recipes, recipes to heal and nurture the body to body positivity articles.

Eating Bird Food

Healthy living in general with a good dose of nutrition, exercise and parenting. I love this how humble and non-pretentious this blog is. It's written really well and Brittany focuses on those who also have dietary requirements instead of focusing on what she has alone. Overall a very interesting read with lots of care and attention.

 Carly Rowena 

Completely different from the others, Carly takes a focus on exercise and boot camps in general. She promotes wellness through daily workouts and nutritional balance and includes some pretty tasty looking recipes. I'd recommend eating before reading otherwise you'll feel inspired but hungry. 

What websites or blogs inspire you to create a better mind, body or spirit? I'd love to find out.


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