20 Best Practices for Goddess Living

There's never enough time to do what needs to be done is there? I always wished to have some time just to focus on getting my life sorted. All of that works-in-progress sitting in the pending file, those emails that needed a response, the tasks from work that sat uncompleted, the house that needed tidied and looked after, family and friends who wanted to communicate and everything else in-between that life threw our way. I know I'm not alone in feeling this way, it can be overwhelming especially if you hold onto past stressors. 

It eventually builds up to a point where you don't know how to fix it. You lose your sparkle. We never want you to lose your sparkle, you were made to shine. 

To fix that and to align your crown once again, the best way is to find some form of routine to ease the internal confusion. Routine and having some 'rules' gives us clarity, so when the unexpected happens we know how to get that railroad back on track. These twenty tips work on all aspects of your life. 

Hopefully, these help you on your way back to reclaiming your inner goddess.

Never add strength to your weaknesses

Attempt to eat what you have. Learn how to use leftovers.

Try to work with a capsule wardrobe. You should check out the *** project,

Save 20% of your monthly salary.

Never go to sleep with the washing bowl full. Do your dishes.

Swallow your pride. Admit when you are wrong. You'll sleep better for it.

Pick your battles.

Make time for daily meditation or devotion.

Know yourself. What star sign, enneagram or Myers Briggs personality types are you?

Ready regularly. Aim for one or more books per month.

Look after your skin. Try body brushing and face yoga, to begin with.

Make time weekly for at least one family member or friend. Make that call, send that note or meet-in-person.

If you can't remember 'why' you fell out, let it go.

Add more vegetarian and vegan days into your diet.

Start a cosmic order journal. Write in it regularly.

Set a bedtime and stick to it.

Make your bed every morning. You'll sleep better at night.

Quarterly decluttering will give you peace of mind. Donate what's no longer serving you to charity.

Learn to say no. Say no without explanation at least once per week. Build up from there.

Look at yourself in the mirror each day and say kind things out loud about yourself.

Namaste, goddess. 

Disclaimer: Nothing to Disclose

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