5 Ways to Balance Your Mind, Body & Spirit

We've all felt the dizzying effects of a busy workload, financial burdens and even retrograde. Sometimes when there are so many things going wrong it's hard to figure out how to resolve them. These tips give you ideas to balance your mind, body and spirit, typically when these are being worked on and are in-balance; life is far easier. 


 Journalling | Writing down your thoughts each day, even if it's one memorable sentence helps to de-clutter the mind and your thoughts, giving clarity. 
 Read daily | Pick a book and read daily. Even if it's simply five-pages, it all counts. 
 Stay offline | Try attempting a 24-hour shutoff. Stay offline at least one or two days a month. 
 Attempt the one-tab challenge | De-clutter your minds by closing those tabs. Working on one tab at a time 
 Set an alarm | Set yourself an alarm in the morning and wake up at that time. Yes, even at the weekends. 


 Complete the 30-day squat challenge | I completed this recently and it's empowering. The strength that you feel after even a few days is incredible. 
 Daily water | There are even apps that monitor your water intake. Ensure you are drinking enough water. 
 Intermittent fasting | Intermittent fasting allows cells to renew and gives the body a break. The ideal intermittent fasting time is twelve to sixteen hours. 
 Veggie days | Add in one day per week where you cut out meat and see how your body thanks for you it. 
 Walk daily | Make time for a daily walk. Maybe you decide to take a walk each day after dinner or go for a walk in the morning before work? Whatever works for you is best.  


 Set a budget | Setting a budget lightens your spirit as it gives you control. You get a clearer idea of your where you are at currently and where your future could take you. 
 Learn a new skill | Any skills. Just learn a new skill. 
 De-clutter | Pick a room and de-clutter it. Remove things that relate to bad memories, don't make you happy and serve no purpose. It's recommended that if you've not used it or taken it out within the last six-months then consider donating it to charity. 
 Volunteer | Online or offline volunteering is still volunteering. Raising money, helping the homeless, assisting in care homes or volunteering time at the local school or hospital. There are so many companies crying out for help. 
 Complete WIP's | Have multiple works-in-progress lying around? Pick one and focus on completing it. Each completion will give you a sense of achievement and allow you time to decide if it's something you've enjoyed and want to continue or move away from. 

At times of stress, it may seem like these tips are a low priority but much like the saying goes 'if you don't look after yourself then who will' mindfulness is amazing for giving clarity when there is none. 

Are there any other tips that you have found works for you? 

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