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The best apps for self-care

As the nation prepares for an Autumn/Winter spending a little more time at home and away from friends family, it's important to make sure we’re taking care of not just our physical health but also our mind. One of the things that has been making life under lockdown that much bearable has been our ability to connect digitally with boundless options of apps to choose from. Here’s a hit-list of some of the best apps out there that can help you through the seasonal changes.


Probably the most known of all of the ‘mindfulness’ apps on the market. It is designed to help you train your mind and body for a healthier, happier life and get the most out of your day. What's better is that the app can be used on the go as well as at home. For those who don’t have a rigid schedule, this is probably the best option to go for as it works around you.


Now I’m not yogi but there's something about the relaxation techniques available on the calm app that allow for a feeling of refresh and renewal. The app focuses on helping to quell feelings of anxiety and assist with better sleep cycles (unfortunately a new mattress doesn't come with the app) to have you feeling refreshed and ready to start your day. 

Insight Timings 

One of the least well-known ones but also has huge benefits is Insight timer. With a library of over 25,000 guided meditations from around 3,000 teachers on topics like stress, relationships, creativity, this app gives you all of the range! As the only paid subscription on the list, I’d advise starting their 7-day free trial to gauge if the app is for you. 

Practice what you preach

As all these apps are available on both iPhone & Android you might be feeling that your phone cant currently facilitate a 20 min guided meditation. So that’s why I have been looking to use a refurbished device from giffgaff - who recently investigated how the UK feel about e-waste and refurbishment and been leaders in promoting the benefits of choosing refurbished, it’s not all about phones though as they have lot’s of fabulous refurbished and recycled content over on their hub to keep you remind busy with projects. Get in.

Do you use any of these apps?

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Black Owned Small Business Wishlist | Show Support

Surely I don't have the explain the recent events surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement? If I do, then it's a movement that's been around for ages however, it's never had the traction it deserved because the world became ignorant and was in denial. 

The death of George Floyd was the catalyst to remind everyone that the world needed to change. #BlackoutTuesday blacked out social media with the exception of amplifying melanated voices and promoting voices of colour, it was incredible and it was something that's really opened my own eyes. I truly feel that our understanding and learning from the lived experiences of those who have been persecuted because of their skin colour will be neverending but the fight has been awe-inspiring. 

I know I will continue to fight, learn and support - will you? 

How beautiful are these items? The colours, the shapes, the patterns, they inspire in every way. I definite;y feel we could all do with some vibrancy and energy in our lives at the moment and supporting small businesses enables business owners to thrive. 

Personally, I am in love with the beetle wing earrings, how utterly amazing are they! The Aster cork planter just makes sense, the number of times where I've bought planters and they've either been ruined due to watering or, they've not had enough water wicking or breathing capabilities, the cork would absolutely resolve that from happening. 

You can check these out over on the wishlist - Amplify Melanated Voices Wishlist

Keep learning, keep fighting and keep up the sharing others voices. 

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20 Best Practices for Goddess Living

There's never enough time to do what needs to be done is there? I always wished to have some time just to focus on getting my life sorted. All of that works-in-progress sitting in the pending file, those emails that needed a response, the tasks from work that sat uncompleted, the house that needed tidied and looked after, family and friends who wanted to communicate and everything else in-between that life threw our way. I know I'm not alone in feeling this way, it can be overwhelming especially if you hold onto past stressors. 

It eventually builds up to a point where you don't know how to fix it. You lose your sparkle. We never want you to lose your sparkle, you were made to shine. 

To fix that and to align your crown once again, the best way is to find some form of routine to ease the internal confusion. Routine and having some 'rules' gives us clarity, so when the unexpected happens we know how to get that railroad back on track. These twenty tips work on all aspects of your life. 

Hopefully, these help you on your way back to reclaiming your inner goddess.

Never add strength to your weaknesses

Attempt to eat what you have. Learn how to use leftovers.

Try to work with a capsule wardrobe. You should check out the *** project,

Save 20% of your monthly salary.

Never go to sleep with the washing bowl full. Do your dishes.

Swallow your pride. Admit when you are wrong. You'll sleep better for it.

Pick your battles.

Make time for daily meditation or devotion.

Know yourself. What star sign, enneagram or Myers Briggs personality types are you?

Ready regularly. Aim for one or more books per month.

Look after your skin. Try body brushing and face yoga, to begin with.

Make time weekly for at least one family member or friend. Make that call, send that note or meet-in-person.

If you can't remember 'why' you fell out, let it go.

Add more vegetarian and vegan days into your diet.

Start a cosmic order journal. Write in it regularly.

Set a bedtime and stick to it.

Make your bed every morning. You'll sleep better at night.

Quarterly decluttering will give you peace of mind. Donate what's no longer serving you to charity.

Learn to say no. Say no without explanation at least once per week. Build up from there.

Look at yourself in the mirror each day and say kind things out loud about yourself.

Namaste, goddess. 

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5 Wellness Bloggers You Will Love

Wellness and wholism are so important to me and play a huge part in my life. Sometimes I slip, things get in the way, you know how it is, but overall it's a major passion. Having had many issues with my own body and wellness and having to fight to reclaim back my health, I've spent so much time reading other blogs, studying, applying what I've learned and Youtubing.

This means I have clear favourites in the wellness category but, some of them are more versatile. I love a good wellness blogger who discusses whole wellness and not just exercise or diet. Throw in some spiritual and mental topics and I'm yours. 

Here are five of my favourite wellness bloggers - in my opinion. 

The Balanced Blonde 

This site is visually beautiful. I love when I find a blog or website that doesn't follow the trends and just focuses on what they love. That sort of style is unique and I love it! The focus is holism in general with real no-nonsense opinions and facts. Absolutely one to check out.

The Full Helping

The Full Helping focuses on lifestyle and wellness with an emphasis on plant-based nutrition and feeding health. The recipes, articles and imagery are fantastic and have been a godsend in my change over to plant-based living.  

Empowered Sustenance

Empower sustenance doesn't just focus on food and 'sustenance' it covers all aspects of what humans need to thrive. From natural skincare, keto recipes, recipes to heal and nurture the body to body positivity articles.

Eating Bird Food

Healthy living in general with a good dose of nutrition, exercise and parenting. I love this how humble and non-pretentious this blog is. It's written really well and Brittany focuses on those who also have dietary requirements instead of focusing on what she has alone. Overall a very interesting read with lots of care and attention.

 Carly Rowena 

Completely different from the others, Carly takes a focus on exercise and boot camps in general. She promotes wellness through daily workouts and nutritional balance and includes some pretty tasty looking recipes. I'd recommend eating before reading otherwise you'll feel inspired but hungry. 

What websites or blogs inspire you to create a better mind, body or spirit? I'd love to find out.


 E: sweetelysepr@gmail.com

5 Ways to Balance Your Mind, Body & Spirit

We've all felt the dizzying effects of a busy workload, financial burdens and even retrograde. Sometimes when there are so many things going wrong it's hard to figure out how to resolve them. These tips give you ideas to balance your mind, body and spirit, typically when these are being worked on and are in-balance; life is far easier. 


 Journalling | Writing down your thoughts each day, even if it's one memorable sentence helps to de-clutter the mind and your thoughts, giving clarity. 
 Read daily | Pick a book and read daily. Even if it's simply five-pages, it all counts. 
 Stay offline | Try attempting a 24-hour shutoff. Stay offline at least one or two days a month. 
 Attempt the one-tab challenge | De-clutter your minds by closing those tabs. Working on one tab at a time 
 Set an alarm | Set yourself an alarm in the morning and wake up at that time. Yes, even at the weekends. 


 Complete the 30-day squat challenge | I completed this recently and it's empowering. The strength that you feel after even a few days is incredible. 
 Daily water | There are even apps that monitor your water intake. Ensure you are drinking enough water. 
 Intermittent fasting | Intermittent fasting allows cells to renew and gives the body a break. The ideal intermittent fasting time is twelve to sixteen hours. 
 Veggie days | Add in one day per week where you cut out meat and see how your body thanks for you it. 
 Walk daily | Make time for a daily walk. Maybe you decide to take a walk each day after dinner or go for a walk in the morning before work? Whatever works for you is best.  


 Set a budget | Setting a budget lightens your spirit as it gives you control. You get a clearer idea of your where you are at currently and where your future could take you. 
 Learn a new skill | Any skills. Just learn a new skill. 
 De-clutter | Pick a room and de-clutter it. Remove things that relate to bad memories, don't make you happy and serve no purpose. It's recommended that if you've not used it or taken it out within the last six-months then consider donating it to charity. 
 Volunteer | Online or offline volunteering is still volunteering. Raising money, helping the homeless, assisting in care homes or volunteering time at the local school or hospital. There are so many companies crying out for help. 
 Complete WIP's | Have multiple works-in-progress lying around? Pick one and focus on completing it. Each completion will give you a sense of achievement and allow you time to decide if it's something you've enjoyed and want to continue or move away from. 

At times of stress, it may seem like these tips are a low priority but much like the saying goes 'if you don't look after yourself then who will' mindfulness is amazing for giving clarity when there is none. 

Are there any other tips that you have found works for you? 

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 E: sweetelysepr@gmail.com